Dr Karla van Zyl

BSc (Hons) Ost Med
Reg No: A10552

Practice No: 029 8980

Dr van Zyl acquired her degree in Osteopathy with honours from the Surrey Institute of Osteopathic Medicine, UK, in 2007.   After qualifying, she worked in a general practice in the UK, before returning to South Africa in 2008. She has been practicing in Somerset West since 2010.

Dr van Zyl has a special interest in arthritic conditions, scoliosis, migraines and tension headaches.

She is a qualified Pilates Instructor and believes that Pilates enhances the therapeutic effects of Osteopathy treatment.

Dr van Zyl is a member of the Allied Health Professional Council of South Africa.


Osteopaths are skilled at discovering the underlying causes of pain, using their hands both for gaining information to form a diagnoses and for treatment. Treatment techniques may include soft tissue stretching, muscle energy techniques, rhythmic passive joint movements, joint articulation and manipulation, to improve the range of movements.

Well known for the effective treatment of back- and neck pain, osteopaths also treat a wide variety of other conditions. , including tension headaches and migraine. The treatment includes remedial advice and preventative exercises.

A wide range of recent studies have shown that osteopathic treatment can be instrumental in rapidly alleviating symptoms associated with back and joint pain, whatever the cause or origin.

Osteopathic treatment is an effective means of returning people to full activity, following injury or surgery.


Osteopathy and Sport

How can Osteopathy improve your game?

Osteopathy is about the integration of the spine, the importance of structure and function, and the significance of the musculoskeletal system in the maintenance of health. Osteopaths apply their medical and scientific knowledge with the philosophy that the athlete’s structure (posture) and function are interrelated. Osteopathic physicians look at the entire scope of an athlete’s problem, including the mechanism of the injury, environmental influences, inherent postural and muscle imbalances, the psychological effects of injury and rehabilitation and finally, to the athlete’s safe return to play. Osteopathy works in harmony with the biomechanics of the body. using techniques such as muscle energy techniques, high velocity low amplitude thrusts (HVLA), stretching, articulation and traction.


During the first consultation, the Osteopath will take a comprehensive medical history, including previous injuries and concerns. This is followed by a full postural and biomechanical assessment, strength and flexibility testing, sensory and reflex changes, and mobility testing of the spine and peripheral joints. A treatment plan is devised on improvements necessary for better function. The osteopath will liaise directly with your coach to specifically work with your biomechanics, thus helping to raise your game to its optimum.

Osteopathy and Arthritis

The aim of using osteopathy to address Arthritis:

  • Provide immediate relief from symptoms
  • Reduce pain and swelling
  • Promote range of joint movement
  • Improve mobility
  • Assist in rehabilitation after surgery
  • Educate on how to improve quality of life through diet and nutritional support, posture, and exercise.

Osteopathy is not a cure-all and there are situations when surgery may be necessary.  In such cases you will be referred to a specialist. However, Osteopathy can be invaluable during rehabilitation after surgery.


Medical aid

Osteopathy is a recognised profession in South Africa and practitioners are registered and governed by the Allied Health Professions Council of South Africa.

Please contact your Medical Aid provider to ascertain if Osteopathy is covered in your Medical Aid plan.

The practice is contracted out, therefore he patient will be required to make a full payment on the day of the consultation and then claim from the medical aid


Contact Details

For appointments, please send a Whatsapp to:

064 039 4999


Apple Blossom, 3 Dummer Street, Somerset West, 7130


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